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The latest generation of consoles, the PlayStation network 5 and Xbox Series latest version X are far better than the previous versions when it comes to overall performance and gaming experience. However, if you still own a PS4, you may hear people talking about jailbreaking PS4 consoles that can make them better in performance. Now, you may be curious about what is this PS4 Jailbreak and why need to implement with that? On this website, you can learn everything you need to know about PS4 Jailbreak.

Before coming to know about jailbreaking PS4, it's better to understand exactly what this jailbreak is. So let's focus on that first.

What is Jailbreak?

Let's break the word "jailbreak" into two. 'Jail' means jail or prison, and the 'break' means breakdown.

ps5 jailbreak

Each digital device comes with two main components; hardware and software. All mobile phones, PCs, apps, games, and every other software do come with several restrictions.

These restrictions imposed prevent users from doing some things that are technically not legal do with the device system or application. The process of breaking restrictions on software or appliance and doing something that you are not allowed to do by default is called a "Jailbreak". It is something similar to the process of a hack.

Let's see an example related to this. Let's assume that I want to download a paid application or game from the application store. I am only allowed to do it if I paid its fee or somehow bypass the payment and made some changes in the software. If I bypass the payment process, I get the opportunity to get the paid apps for free, though it sounds illegal.

However, jailbreaking something is not illegal completely, but it is illegal when you Download pirated apps and game hacks. In addition to that, jailbreaking may result in a voidance in your device warranty, which will lead the product not to receive updates and support anymore. However, it is the only way to open up its hidden features and try new modifications.

Every new appliance comes with new technology. As a result, it is not that easy to jailbreak a gadget. But the more the appliance gets older, the easier it has an exploit to be found and is vulnerable to be jailbroken.

What is PS4 Jailbreak?

Similar to every other appliance, PS4 also comes with system software (firmware) and hardware as usual. Jailbreak PS4 means you are making some modifications to its firmware/ system. By making modifications to the PS4 firmware or system, you get the opportunity to do things that you were not able to do before. For instance, you can add paid new games completely free. Not only that, but you can also add third-party apps, different mods, extra features, and different themes to the console.

Benefits of Jailbreaking PS4

jailbreaking ps4
  • Free Download Games through Internet
  • PS4 Jailbreak allows you to bypass the payment process. Thanks to that, you get the biggest advantage to your PS4 appliance, which is the ability to add and play online multiplayer games completely free of charge or at a small price on your jailbroken PS4.

  • Support for Backward Compatibility
  • PS4 does not support backward compatibility by default. However, thanks to Jailbreak PS4, you get the ability to play the old PS2 and PS3 games on the new PS4. Normally, you are not allowed to play PS2 and PS3 games on PS4. But jailbreaking, you get that chance.

  • Custom Firmware and Themes
  • After jailbreaking, you get the chance to add custom firmware and various other themes to customize the performance and look of the PS4 appliance. It also allows you to apply various mods in games.

  • Extra Functionality
  • With all the extra features, game hacks, and other modifications that you get through PS4 Jailbreak, you can add an additional functionality to your PS4.

Download PS4 Jailbreak

Should You Jailbreak PS4?

Apart from the advantages of jailbreaking PS4, there are some disadvantages of it too. So if you are wondering whether or not to jailbreak your PlayStation version 4 console or not, it is up to you. If you focus on the beneficial outcomes of PS4 Jailbreak, you will decide to jailbreak it enjoy its advantages. But if you focus on its drawbacks, you will decide not to jailbreak the console.

If you do not mind the voiding of the device warranty, the good thing is to Jailbreak PS4 as it offers you so many facilities to the console such as play games, access online new games, etc. But you must be extremely careful when jailbreaking your PS4 console. Try hard to follow the jailbreak steps in the correct order very smoothly so that your appliance will not be damaged by any unnecessary step.

How to Jailbreak PS4

Now that we learned about what is PS4 Jailbreak, let's speak about the business. Although it seems like jailbreaking is a difficult task, it is not. However, you will have to run jailbreak again and again whenever you reboot the console. But don't worry, it only takes a while the first time around.

If you have are interested in Jailbreak PS4 and ready to proceed with it, you can get the direct link to the jailbreak software latest version file from our official website. Downloading the jailbreak application has made it so much easier with the link provided on this web page. Indeed, you might find various sites that provide you a direct link to the app. Since you are already here on our site, you can refer to this page to get its direct link.

how to jailbreak your ps4

Following is the step-by-step guide to jailbreak your PS4.

  1. Downloading the correct software for PS4 Jailbreaking
  2. Open the link given on this website by using a laptop or PC. You may notice software versions 5.07 and above, which is our limit. You can download the fitting custom firmware version update by tapping on the appropriate Download button.

  3. Extract the downloaded file
  4. If you are not familiar with the file extraction program, you can download the WinRAR file, which is an easy-to-use and free program that handles everything for you. After the extraction program, you will be informed, and then you can go to the next step.

  5. Transfer the downloaded files to a USB drive that has the minimum storage media capacity of 1GB and USB 3.0 or above
  6. If the USB drive you use does not complete the above specifications, it will not communicate or let files transfer due to restrictions. Here you can also get any programs you like to run your console. You can include apps, custom mods, and pirated games here.

    Connect the USB drive into your personal computer (PC) or laptop and transfer the jailbreak application extracted file to the PlayStation version 4 console. And then you can remove it.

  7. Connect the USB Drive into your PS4 Console using its ports
  8. If the console is power on, power off it first. Then insert your USB drive to the PlayStation version 4 and let it be in the port for a few seconds. After that, turn on the console and wait for a while.

  9. Update through a Storage Device
  10. After PS4 booting up completely, go on over the settings and select the option to update it using the USB. Then it will start installing the program you just downloaded onto your console some time ago. It would take up to 20 minutes or more. So wait until it finishes the installation.

  11. Install Games, Apps, and Start Enjoying
  12. The PS4 console should now be running your custom firmware version by this point. It means you are finally all set to download and install games through the internet, add applications, and more to your gaming console. The superpower of your PS4 console is now at your fingertips.

Final Note

Jailbreaking gives you the superpower to make changes to the settings of any appliance. Thanks to that, you can experience extra functionality on the mean appliance. Jailbreaking PS4 offers you lots of benefits that you cannot get by default. So it is worth trying this superpower on your PS4 appliance by making some changes to its settings.

Download PS4 Jailbreak Free

Download PS4 Jailbreak